The Whole World for Two: 9 Most Romantic Destinations

There are so many amazing and beautiful places in the world where you can escape from everyday vanity. Here are just a few of them.

  1.      Iguazu Falls

Beautiful Iguazu waterfalls amaze the imagination of travellers. According to the legend of one of the tribes that lived in those places, waterfalls appeared when an aborigine Naipu rejected the love of God and sailed away with an ordinary man. God became angry and broke the river into many waterfalls to punish the lovers. Iguazu waterfalls are a true miracle of nature that is almost untouched by civilization and one of the most romantic destinations.

  1.      Valley of the Butterflies

Imagine a small, quiet beach at the foot of the mountain, which can only be reached by sea, a beautiful bay with clear turquoise water, a small waterfall in the gorge, hidden by a green forest, and millions of butterflies. The picturesque Valley of the Butterflies is by right considered one of the most romantic places in the world. The valley is a protected area, and here you can see trees and rocks that are completely covered with fluttering flowers – butterflies. This amazing place is just created for lovers.

  1.      Bay of Aphrodite

This beautiful corner is located in Cyprus. It attracts couples in love like a magnet. According to legend, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite came out on land from these waters. There she took baths before meeting with her admirers. Although it is forbidden to swim in the bay, there is a beautiful beach where you can enjoy warm waters near the legendary place.

  1.      Verona

Verona is a Mecca for lovers and one of the most romantic vacation destinations. The dramatic love story of Romeo and Juliet happened right here. One of the places that you have to visit is the balcony of Juliet, where, as the local legend says, she listened to the declaration of love. It’s no wonder that couples from all over the world come to Verona to enjoy the magical atmosphere of this city.

  1.      Bridge of Kisses

According to the belief, a couple who will kiss on this bridge will never break up. The Bridge of Kisses is the perfect end of the day, spent in one of the most romantic destinations in the world – St. Petersburg. Here, lovers not only show feelings and kiss but also put different locks with names as a symbol of unbreakable love.

  1.      Flower fields in Holland

An ordinary person can create an amazing beauty landscapes as well. The flowering season begins at the end of March. A lot of spring flowers blossom there. They occupy a colossal territory – about 30 square kilometres, stretching along the seashore.  If you decide to devote a couple of days to your soul mate and go on a trip, then these romantic moments will remain in your memory forever.

  1.      Lake Garda

This is the largest lake in Italy and one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is surrounded on all sides by the Alpine slopes, where olive gardens are replaced with lemon trees, flower beds with vineyards, and picturesque landscapes of the road along the lake give way to the views of villages and towns on the coast.

  1.      The Sea of Stars

You can give millions of stars to your loved one without going into space. It is enough to take her to the island of Vaadhoo where you can find unearthly beauty. Phytoplankton, inhabiting the coastal waters, periodically begins to glow, creating a myriad of “constellations” on the surface of the waves. Of course, these shimmering beaches of Vaadhoo have to be on the list of top romantic vacation destinations

  1.      Pink Beach

People, who want to visit all the romantic places in the world, most definitely look at the island of Harbor that is part of the Bahamas. The island became famous because of the unusual colour of sand. So, under certain conditions, it can acquire a pink shade. If you are going on a cruise, then visit the Bahamas because these islands are the most romantic cruise destinations.

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