Twitch IRL Daily Highlights | Ep. 268 | Greekgodx, BadBunny, sodapoppin, Kitboga, Boogie2988

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🤖 Twitch IRL Daily Highlights | Ep. 268 | Greekgodx, BadBunny, sodapoppin, Kitboga, Boogie2988

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The streams that make this video possible:

00:03 | Greekgodx – wrong place wrong time

00:35 | Greekgodx – Streaming tomorrow at 5 PM. FACE OF TWITCH PAIN

01:05 | BadBunny – The perfect match

01:20 | sodapoppin – Dildos for mom

01:50 | Greekgodx – Roasted by greekgodx

02:11 | Kitboga – tech support rp

02:49 | Boogie2988 – Cocaine and Garbonzo beans

03:49 | TimTheTatman – The American Bald Eagle

04:07 | sodapoppin – nice xbox controller

04:37 | cjayride – Special Massage 😉

05:07 | MitchJones – Info Wars

05:38 | LegendaryLea – Choking

05:54 | OfficialAndyPyro – The Future Doc

06:24 | Greekgodx – Streaming tomorrow at 5 PM. FACE OF TWITCH PAIN

06:54 | Greekgodx – FeelsGoodMan

07:32 | Greekgodx – lmao

08:02 | TheChrisC – gimme

08:30 | sodapoppin – arent we all nerds?

08:41 | MitchJones – OMEGALUL

09:17 | Greekgodx – Greek shows off his bulge

🤖 Music Credits

Jerry Martin – Mall Rat
The Sims Original Video Game Soundtrack

🤖 About the Series

Gamebot Twitch IRL is the best place to watch the latest and greatest Twitch IRL highlights. We feature clips from your favorite Twitch streamers.


Twitch IRL is a new category that lets the Twitch community see who streamers are in real-life. Within IRL, streamers can directly interact with their viewers in a one-to-many vlog-like style. This includes sharing their live experiences when they are not at the computer or uploading videos of their daily thoughts, opinions, and anything else on their mind. Core to this category is talking to the camera and actively interacting and sharing with a streamers community.

Twitch IRL content includes general life/channel updates or discussions. Streamers like broadcasting working out and even make it interactive. Streamers might discuss a great book and will discuss it. Streamers make vlogs of their trips into the outside world, such as an amusement park, an event (TwitchCon!), or even the grocery store. Broadcasters must actively interact with their audience when streaming in the IRL category. Unlike a lifecast, streamers are the focus, either as a visible part of the stream or through providing commentary.

Twitch is now much more than sharing live gameplay. While still steeped in gaming culture, Twitch has become a social video platform for all kinds of passionate people and communities, both gaming and non-gaming alike. Twitch is definitely looking to compete directly with other livestreaming services such as Facebook Live and Twitter.

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Legendary Lea

I will share EVERYTHING WITH YOU. Littlerally, up to the last juicy perky detail. From morning till eve till I drop in the sweat of your gaming desire! THERE IS NOTHING I WILL HIDE : )


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