Top 10 Signs That It’s Time to Break up

Does she want you to give her all your passwords? Is she angry when you don’t pick up the phone even if you’re busy at work? Does she ask you to show her your messenger chats? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, you should think about your relationship and its future. When we fall in love with someone, we give ourselves to this feeling entirely. We are ready to sacrifice time, effort, and even our own personality. But no matter how much we love the partner, there’s the line that mustn’t be crossed. Remember: the relationship involves two people. Don’t forget about yourself. Here are 10 signs that you should break up.

10) She insists that you must share all your passwords

If she already knows all your important passwords, it’s better to change them immediately. Whether it’s your Youtube or bank account, or the credit card PIN, only you should have access to them. No matter how much you love your girlfriend, don’t give up your personal data.

9) She checks your phone every day

If your girlfriend always pokes around on your tablet, PC, phone etc., you should start making conclusions. Your gadgets are your personal property no one can take without asking you first, especially to check who and when you called. This is a sure sign of complete mistrust.

8) She makes you do something you don’t like

It doesn’t matter what it is: going to a party to one of your friends or trying a new sex position, if you don’t want it, don’t do it. Establish your boundaries. They’re necessary for any relationship.

7) She mentions your ex all the time

Your past concerns only you, and no one can judge you for the things that happened thousands of years ago. If your girlfriend remembers it every time, it’s one of the signs you should break up. This means that she’s concerned about your past, but it won’t go anywhere.

6) Your life revolves only around her

If you have time only for work and your girlfriend, you should reconsider your schedule. Don’t limit yourself to communication with one person. Have some fun together, but don’t forget about your friends, colleagues, and hobbies. If she wants you to quit some of these, it’s also one of the signs you need to break up.

5) She doesn’t introduce you to her loved ones

If your relationship has been developing for a while, but you only communicate with your relatives and friends, it’s time to ask your loved one what’s wrong. If she hides something from you, you have the right to know this. Don’t rush to make any conclusions: politely ask her and give her time to explain.

4) She is too jealous

If it’s so, you have problems, buddy. There’s no place for obsessive jealousy in a strong relationship. It indicates the lack of confidence, so if you’re looking for signs it’s time to break up, you found one.

3) She doesn’t like your taste in clothes

Remember: your body belongs only to you and no one else. If you enjoy the way you usually dress, you don’t have to change your habits to please the partner. If she expresses disapproval or says something rude whenever you put a T-shirt over a turtleneck, tell her to piss off.

2) She has a too strong owner’s Instinct

Although most people like such instinct in a partner, it harms a relationship. Over time, this instinct will turn into a devouring monster that will consume and ruin everything valuable to you. To avoid such situations, talk with your girlfriend directly. It will be useful to both of you.

1) She says she’ll break up with you after each quarrel

If each quarrel ends with her telling that she leaves you, then your girlfriend isn’t worth investing that time and effort. It’s one of the obvious signs she wants to break up. Don’t tolerate the emotional pressure she puts on you.

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