Stream Highlights #191

Fortnite 0:00 – 7:20
DarkSouls 7:21 – 12:25

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Konac – Home [NCS Release] from NoCopyrightSounds
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Legendary Lea

I will share EVERYTHING WITH YOU. Littlerally, up to the last juicy perky detail. From morning till eve till I drop in the sweat of your gaming desire! THERE IS NOTHING I WILL HIDE : )

  1. "Hey summit do you have any tips for us no pro gamers who keep dying?"

    Summit does little shimmy "you just gotta not die."

    Amazing advice

  2. Never thought id see summit playing dank souls lil cringey, but watching him play fortnight and pubg made me feel inferior lol

  3. how do i get summit1 from popping up in my "recommended"…dude is trash..after watchin an ACTUAL DUEL between summit and THE DOC, the doc blew his face off and made it look easy..

  4. Fuck fortnite, I agree pubg is broken atm but I rather watch him play rainboe six siege or some arma 3 or something other than fortnite

  5. I love watching Summit getting rekt in DS, it's even funnier when you know the enemy attack patterns or exactly when he's running out of stamina.

  6. Summit failed so hard trying to box that dude in and kill him with a trap, then played it off like that wasn't what he was trying to do. Lol. I can't understand how someone that can become so good at pubg is so horrible at Dark Souls!? You have to have great hand eye coordination for both games, which you definitely do have but it's just not working for you in Souls…

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