Picking a Funny Topic for Your Essay

A lot of professors prefer to give boring topics, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of students prefer to order their papers from custom essay services. But when your professor assigns you to pick some funny topic and write an essay on it, ordering the paper from an essay-writing service may not be the best idea. Of course, you can pick the topic on your own, but there is no guarantee whether the hired writer would be able to make your essay as humorous as you want. So, in the case, if you need to pick a funny topic for your essay, we offer you to pick one from the following list.

What Your Dog is Really Thinking?

A nice topic that allows you to dwell on many philosophical theories. Who said that dogs don’t think about the creation of the world or the mysteries of the universe? Your dog may have a strong opinion about religion and nuclear weapons. Moreover, your dog may think about what you are thinking too much about the meaning of life, as actually there is no meaning to it, except to live it. Basically, your dog could write an argumentative essay, but then it notices its tail, and the possible essay is distracted by trying to catch it.

What Would Happen if Seahorses Ruled the World?

Actually, you can pick any animal you like, but the more ridiculous the choice of the animal the funnier your essay. This topic requires you to be keen on dystopian fiction, for you to be able to create that dark future where seahorses would force the people to undergo surgery to get gills to be able to breathe under the water. Of course, the seahorses’ complete dominance may start only after the great flood, right? The topic allows you to do some research on the animals you pick, which will definitely impress your professor.

Why is Email Spam Important for Lonely People?

It’s a perfect topic that allows you to dwell on the issue of loneliness, in a sarcastic way. You can try arguing that email spam creates an illusion for lonely people that someone is interested in them. You can show how communication is important for people by describing the symptoms of severe

depression that lonely people experience as a result of not receiving spam for long periods of time.

Why Being in Girl’s Friend-zone is Important for a Guy?

When it comes to fun essay topics, why should you avoid romantic relationships? It’s quite fun, especially when you add a pinch of sarcasm. So, why it’s important for a guy to be in his crush’s friend-zone? Of course, you won’t get that girl, but hearing all of her complaints about her boyfriends can really teach you how to deal with your future girlfriends. You can make your essay bittersweet, as being in a friend-zone helps you understand girls better, but it makes you more and more disappointed with your crush, and maybe girls in general.

Why “The Room” (2003) is Important for Aspiring Filmmakers?

A perfect sarcastic topic for students of film-schools. Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” is often referred to as “Citizen Kane of bad movies”. The cardboard acting on pair with the screenplay that has more plot holes than logic make it quite easy to understand why the movie earned that title. The funny thing is, had “The Room” been done properly, it would become not a cult classic, but an absolutely forgettable melodrama. The movie teaches you how you shouldn’t do the movies, as well as how to make a bad movie for it to become a hit if it is possible to make a film like that on purpose.


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