German man dies after blowing up condom machine

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The annual death rate in Germany is 11.6 deaths per a population of 1,000. However, I am convinced, nobody in the old European country ever dreamed about getting killed by a condom vending machine.

 That’s right! A German national died on Christmas Day after exploding a condom dispenser with a DIY bomb in a failed robbery attempt, according to the local police.

 It is pertinent to mention that earlier in 2017, Germany has mandated compulsory usage of condoms for all sex workers, thereby surging the sales, and also the proliferation of its vending machines across the country.

 The 29-year-old deceased and his two associates affixed the bomb to the dispenser in a quiet street before running for in their automobile.

 However, as luck would have it, the victim did not shut the door before getting struck in the head by a narrow steel shard from the detonation.

 His accomplices rushed him to the hospital where he, later on, succumbed to his injuries.

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 It should be noted that in Germany the maximum penalty for theft without exacerbating circumstances (such as theft as a profession, by breaking, as a part of a gang, while carrying a weapon) is five years in prison. Alternatively, the minimum penalty is a fine.

 The associated told the medical staff at the hospital in the western region of Schoppingen that their injured buddy had fallen down the stairs.

Nonetheless, one of the accomplices, later on, confessed to the police that they tried blowing up the condom vending machine.

 Police reported that none of the condoms or cash from the machine had been missing.

 The two surviving associates were arrested for interrogation before being released from custody.

 The lesson learned is that you do not have to blow up a condom dispenser to make your woman happy!  

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