This website is dedicated to Legendary Lea the famous and hot lady you know from her awesome Twitch Streams. On this website you can see her streams and legendary lea’s instagram¬†pictures and what happened to Legendary lea.

Lea May graduated at the UC San Diego Uni with a bachelors in Neuroscience

Personal Life
Legendary lea currently or was dating some dude called soda poppin, but who cares right?! : )

Lea claims she is single and celibate, but who really believes her? Am I right. Legendary Lea was also banned several times for flashing her boobs and has done nudes.

Legendary Lea has prollems with Anxiety but if you stream all day with men wooting for you, that was to be expected.

Lea has made over 200k from streams and a lot more from sponsors, in short, she is a hot and rich girl.